The Din About Dress Code In Tertiary Institution

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Recently, there has been a lot of brouhaha about the controversial issue of dress code on our campus. Yes I said controversial because there are so many varying views on this dress code issue. However, I begin to present the very diverse view on this dress code saga. Let’s look at the dress code itself. What is it about?

The dress code on campus is simply a law passed by the authorities of the University to ensure students dressed properly and decently. It goes further to specify specific uniform dress for student in some faculty such as (FBMS) Faculty of Business and Management Studies. Furthermore in order to ensure compliance to the dress code the authorities involved the various FBMS Executives, The SRC, Dean and HoD’s to come up with this decision.

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But the information upon reaching the student populace was not happy about the initiative Because of the prescribed uniform. Let me quickly point out that although, the dress code affects both male and female student, the greater point of the brunt is borne by female student and this is not surprising. We know that some boys are in the habit of plaiting their hair and wearing ear rings, but girls pose greater danger to the society by their type of dressing which includes such wear, as spaghetti tops, body hugs, transparent materials, miniskirts and generally outfit that reveal almost their natural endowment.

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It is obvious that some schools that announced the enactment of dress code law are far from achieving any meaningful results due to lack of commitment in implementation. I therefore plead with management to reverse the strictly prescribed uniforms and make it an official wear strictly instead of the prescribed uniforms

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  1. Well spoken boss. The official wear is ok for us, but a prescribed dress code like mauve is not not not. Even the prescribed dress is not easy to get in the market. We the student are still pleading with management to hear our cry and opinions.

    Thank you!!!!

  2. Well spoken senior man. Dressing official to lectures is OK but with the prescribed color getting some at the market koraaa is another wahala , I will also plead the authority if it can be strictly official wear without any prescribed color

  3. Dressing official is okay for us. The authorities can prescribe a colour like blue or white which is widely accepted by all institutions but not mauve.Besides the mauve shirt is also limited in supply hence difficult to get.


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