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DeInsider is an independent online news portal and platform with rich contents to inform, inspire and impact; educate and entertain; and ensure a healthy lifestyle among students and the general public.


It was built in April 2017 as KTU Insider, we pushed news, information and happenings to students on their smartphones in real-time via this blog (ktuinsider.com) and our social media platforms including WhatsApp (+233240273100).

We’ve grown beyond KTU now, and broken through our comfort zone. We are now DeInsider.com

What We Do?

We groom and mentor student writers, bloggers and editors who write and publish news, articles and stories on our blog (deinsider.com)

This Blog addresses all issues affecting students and beyond the region, we have information related to Academics, Entertainment, Campus Politics, Accommodation, Campus Life, Entrepreneurship, Scholarship, Inspiration and Self-Improvement, Health Issues, Career Development, Relationships Issues, Student Activist, Students Artist, Student Musicians, Campus Events, Students Articles, Students Catchup, Gossip, Break Ups, Scandals, Technology News, Sports News and etc.

We are also engaged in Event Management, Online Advertisements/Promotions, Content Development, Social Media advertising/adviser and Training


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