No More Butterflies

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Let your flower blossom
And let its fragrance
charm me
Let your oceans
surround my island
And let its deepness
intensify my soul
Let your river flow
into my existence
And let it refresh
every bit of me
For I don’t want
butterflies swimming
in my tummy

I don’t want
My body shivering
when you whisper
into my ears
I don’t want
To crave for your touch
When I look into your eyes
I don’t want
Your touch to land me in a wonderland
Oh I ain’t no Alice
I don’t want imaginary love
I need love that lasts forever

No more butterflies
swimming in my tummy
For the world has taught me a lot;

There is more to love
than being swept of by
my prince charming
That my desire shouldn’t be a weapon of destruction
That I can’t break my heart;
I just can’t fall
I must walk in love

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My darling
No more butterflies
swimming in my tummy
Love is beautiful
But I need one that rises
out of friendship
One that doesn’t remind me of my imperfections
One that won’t let me drown

©Racheal Wyettey (Risa). All rights reserved.

About The Poem

This poem is a reflection of love at first sight. It is also a reflection of the wild thoughts we have because of our desires. And it is a reflection of our acceptance of the irony of love.

Love isn’t found in imaginations and imaginations doesn’t create ideal partners; this I have come to acknowledge.

We live our lives thinking friendship isn’t love but the presence of butterflies in our tummy is. How can butterflies swim in your tummy? How did they enter? How does that assure you of a lifetime of love?

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Stop assuming! Stop imagining! Stop building high hope on the sand, it will sink. Love isn’t walking into the pit of destruction because you also want your share of a fairy tale. Love is walking away from anything that breaks you, puts a price a tag on you, doesn’t grow you, and that doesn’t add value to your life. Love is facing the reality and seeing things as they truly are, not the other way around.

Love is finding a friend in a soul, a friend who isn’t perfect but who completely accepts you; all of you. Love is finding someone with whom you can write your own fairy tale out of your ordinary lives, not finding someone with whom you will live a fairy tale already written.


Love! It is beautiful and the beauty of it is more evident when you are loved in return. But sweetheart, don’t fall in love, you will get hurt. Darling, don’t mislead your heart, it may get broken.

Be inspired. Walk in love, allow love to naturally flow, to grow and to glow.

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