Come To Bed With Me, And I Will Show You Magic, VIRA

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In the midst of all this “WAHALA” walking from company to company to submit letters and they might not even call you, lorry fare, moving up and down for about three months, horrible bosses harassing you, you get placement and become Dr Doolittle, Supervisors might not even locate where you are or might come and miss your absence.

I tell you today, be smart because I am smarter, a lot of you have started asking about me in times like this.

I am VIRA,

I am on campus, you can take advantage of me for just 14 working days – after second semester vacation and you will have the rest of the vacation to work for your school fees or enjoy relaxing at home, how sweet I am, ask those who tasted me.

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OMG, I can see you liking me already but there is a problem, I don’t just accept all students like that, you need to be within this departments; Accountancy, Purchasing & Supply, Marketing, Computer Science, Networking, Secretaryship & Management and Hospitality. Awww, I’m so sorry dear if you are not my taste, try me next time.

Oga, try me and you will not regret hanging out with me, this is how I will handle you;

  • I will prepare you with practical skills/experience for your future employability,
  • Contribute towards the development of your human capital,
  • Augment you theoretical knowledge
  • Promote work ethics in you
  • Encourage entrepreneurial skills in you
  • Provide quality hands-on experience to you
  • Bridge the gap between academia and industry
  • Public-private partnership training is provided from both public and private resource persons
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Do you still doubt me? Read this

Do you want to attain a real practical experience in Marketing or Accountancy? Want to have more practical knowledge in software design as a Computer Science student? Do you have hands on skills in preparing a procurement plan? Want to be a professional secretary or have special skills in hospitality management?

The best practical training that will earn you a life time job is VIRA.

Am sure you are in love with me already, tell your friends about me, I will look forward to meeting you soon happily.

Log in to Print your VIRA acceptance letter here

Thank you.

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Virtual Industrial Attachment Programme aka VIRA

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  1. Comment:Pls with vira are we to come to school that’s second semester before we print our letter. At e end of the link its written print your acceptance letter. How about that too.Also with the payment how are we going to pay.Or we can pay when we come to school. Thankyou.
    Level 100.Hospitality management.

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