How To Fill Your Attachment Letter After Printing

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  1. The area label one (1), is where you will write the address of the organization or company you will be sending your letter to
  2. The area label two (2), just leave it as it is, you DON’T write anything on it
  3. The area label three (3), you write the date on which you will be submitting your letter on it
  4. The area label four (4), make sure after printing your letter your index, mobile number and email address appear there.

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    • you can submit as many as you wish, you might not know which company will call you. if all do, then you have the options to choose where to do attachment

    • You can, but the issue is, you will be graded with one, and the week you will start VIRA is the same week you will start with the normal attachment, so you can finish with VIRA in 14 working days and go do that if they accept you

    • Which original do you have? We have the original soft copy online, print it in coloured and submit and you are asking to submit original or photocopy

      Or you went to print it and make a photocopy, and keep the printed one for who?

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