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Anonymous: Gm ur excellency Some female friend bi shared her story give me that she doesn’t know what to do
E〽PiRe🇵🇸: You can send it to me
Anonymous: I met this guy from the same town but the guy lives at abroad(USA). He takes very good care for me.
He told her that he is interested in her even though he has a wedded wife and a kid in America.
But the guy added that he Will divorce the wife all because the lady don’t respect him and that she(wife) has been able to make a project in her(wife) home town without informing him meanwhile he took her(wife) there and looked for a work for her(wife) too.
In fact, we have had sex on different occasions.
I and my mum went to one pastor in very Far place and the pastor told me to leave the guy because he(pastor) can see her(wife) holding a cutlass behind me and weeping. He always calls my dad that he(dad) shd take very good care of me coz he wants to marry me and take me there.
Since then I have decided not to answer his call again. but I still love him.
What should I do❓

Please analyze this critically and give your take.

Thank you.

One thought on “Topic for Discussion, 05/09/2019

  1. Simon Ohene

    It is good to follow your heart sometimes but do you think the guy feels the same for you. If he does’nt, remember he has a wife and a kid. Blood is blood my sister

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