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Anonymous: Hi Empire I know you but I think you don’t know me. I want you to post this so you guys help me out.
Empire: Oh Ok Thank you for opening up to us, I will do just that for you. I am hoping we meet soon on campus.

Anonymous: Sure bro.
I am dating this girl er, I know sometimes I cheat on her but char I love her so much and never wish to lose her anyway. She has been helping me out with a lot of things including my fees. I sometimes wonder how she raises those cash for the things she dey do give me. I don’t ask her and will never think about asking her.
Last semester, I planned on surprising her with a three-day vacation at Akosombo before we all leave for the house after doing vira on campus. I did all the arrangements and everything went as I planned it, I booked a hotel called the continental hotel if you’ve heard about it before.
Empire I did all these things oo, could you imagine two days before vira closing day, I called and informed her about what I’ve arranged for us since I feel we’ve all gone through a stressful semester, all she said was she can’t make it and her mum said she should come and do something for her. Yawa apae, I can’t go for my money so o decided to go with one friend of mine we dey vibe more time on campus. The very day we reach Akosombo, I saw my girlfriend with three of her friends dropping out of a Tundra 🤦🏿‍♂ I wished I could cry now. After they got out from the car, another Camry too came and some guys too drop, come see how they were hugging and kissing each other😭
My friend was even crying and said we should leave, I called my girlfriend, she looked at the phone and drop it back in her bag.
I felt very bad and down but I let go and moved on. Me den my guy took a car and went home at Accra.

I never spoke of it or asked her anything because I knew in my heart it’s over between us so I moved on without saying a word. She called that day I saw her but I never bothered picking her call or reply to her text.
She called my mum and asked if I was OK because she’s been calling and I don’t pick up or reply to her text. I didn’t want my mom to know anything so I said I had a problem with my phone so I will call her later. I did just that and acted everything was fine and normal.
We have been talking since but I’ve broken up with her long-time which she has no idea about.
Yesterday she called asking when I will come to school and that she misses me and all that. I agreed to her will to report same day she is coming to school just to make her feel we are cool.

My problem now is, should I tell her it’s over with us or continue to be acting normal and be taking advantage of her, advice my friend gave me. I don’t want to be a bad person but I feel like listening to my friend.
Please, you guys should help me.

Empire: wow wow hmm I will post it tomorrow OK.

Please analyze critically and give your take

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