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Champ me than my girl dey er, she shows me every chat of guys chatting her and most of them want to date her others wanting to have sex with her and all those that guarantee me that she’s faithful? Can I trust a girl like that, she sometimes fake break up pranks and stuff.

Recently she asked me to add her to mine WhatsApp groups which I didn’t want to buy due to her insisting I added her and the guys in there worry her a lot almost half of the guys worry her and she keeps sending me screenshots of their chats and stuffs like I don’t even know what to do now

All he wants to say is;
He is dating this lady who shows to him every chat she has with other guys who propose to her. And the reason is just to let the guy trust her. She tells him all the guys who want to have sex with her.

Just recently she insisted her boyfriend add her to all the groups he is in so that she takes part in whatever goes on. The guy did that and the outcome is not pleasing to him because he witnesses about 70% of the guys in the group worrying her to the extent of chatting her privately.

She sometimes fake breakups with him which bothers him a lot.

His problem now is
1. He doesn’t know if he should trust this his girlfriend and continue with the relationship or let go and move on.

Please analyze critically and give your take

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