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Topic for Discussion

Please don’t mention my name.🙏🏿

I am a level 300 student studying accounting. Life on campus from the beginning was very tough because I was facing some challenges which were beyond my control.
I met this guy in town who showed interest in me and decided to go out with me. I told him earlier I wasn’t ready for any relationship but later I gave in and we started dating. He will never touch me even if I try to make him do so, all he kept telling me was I should concentrate on my studies and the right time will come for that. He was living alone in a two-bedroom apartment which I never expected such a young guy would even want to have such an apartment. He wanted me to move in with him because I wasn’t feeling comfortable at my hostel. I packed out and moved in with him.
This guy is treating me like a princess, I will come back from lectures and he will be in the kitchen preparing food for us. I love him so much and I think he loves me too.

Everything was moving on fine with us until last month when he invited me to come to Koforidua since I was home at Accra with my parents. I got back to Koforidua and all he wanted to say was he loves me so much and he just wanted to say it to my face, I knew he missed me so I felt okay with it and I prepared some food for him and for the first time we had sex.🙈😭🤦🏿‍♂
Kay was happy and I felt so complete with him but when I was leaving to Accra, I met this guy who sat beside me and I was doing was just staring at him. He noticed and started a conversation with me, I don’t know where this is coming from, I am more attracted to this new guy than Kay. This new guy will call me every morning, text me after we finish talking on the phone. I am getting more attached to this guy than Kay. Recently this new guy came to visit me and told my parents he is interested in me and would love to marry me right after school. My mum is happy about this because my dad did the same and she feels it’s a blessing in our family. My parents are happy with this guy and they’ve been taking even if I’m not around.

The problem here is, I didn’t tell my parents about Kay and Kay hasn’t thought of visiting me at Accra 🤦🏿‍♂
I’m confused here and I don’t know what to do.

Should I quit with Kay or Quit with the new guy. I love both of them and I don’t know what to do.

Please help me
Pls analyze the thing very well

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