Zambia Court Sentences Two Men To 15 Years In Prison For Gay S£x

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In a bid to clamp down on homos*xuality, a court has handed a severe punishment to two gays who were caught banging each other back in 2017.

Online report says Japhet Chataba and Steven Samba who booked a lodge in Kapiri Mposhi community of central Zambia were arrested after a female worker alerted her colleagues after she peeped through the window and saw them having s£x.

They were reportedly convicted in 2018 by Kapiri Mposhi Magistrates’ Court but they took the case to the high court. The High court judge, Charles Zulu however handed them a 15 year jail sentence after refusing to review the verdict of the lower court.

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“The trial court cannot be faulted and there is no basis to review or substitute the conviction and I further find that there were no irregularities by the trial court,” Judge Zulu said, the state-owned Zambia Daily Mail newspaper quotes him as saying.

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