‘Just Dare Me & Give Me A Quran And See Me Mess It Up In Two Seconds’ – Etinosa To Fans Who Dared Her To Smoke On A Quran After Smoking On A Bible

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Controversial Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia seems not to be bothered with the comments of people especially Christians after she used the Bible as an ashtray.

She replied fans who challenged her to smoke weed on the Quran as she did with the Bible, claiming that she will mess the Quran up within two seconds.

In a recent Instagram video, Etinosa was seen using the Bible as an ashtray while smoking and fans slammed her for disrespecting the Bible. Some other fans threatened her to try it with the Quran and see how it turns out.

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In her reaction, Etinosa demanded a Quran insisting that she would mess it up within the next two seconds, as no one has the right to threaten her with a ‘textbook’ called Quran or Bible.

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