We Reading HND Courses Does Not Mean We Don’t Have Choice, We Deserve Better Education – Dobe Samuel

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No wonder there’s no form of discipline in Ghana any more! #HighlyProfiledStakeholders who should have been promoting #YouthDevelopment towards a #betterfuture are rather doing the opposite across the country.

It’s rather unfortunate that most of these stakeholders who are responsible for the #StrikeAction in the country today, don’t even have their ward’s at the public University’s or even in Ghana. Meaning the poor man’s ward’s at the public University’s should suffer it all just because of self greed and selfishness on our part of the globe.

This is totally unacceptable and should be condemned by the society in general. I can say categorically that, the total students population in the Technical University’s is now more than 40, 000. Which is why all stakeholders across Africa and particularly Ghana should be worried about.

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This is because, we are the very people who would work in tomorrow’s businesses and as such may contribute negatively to the overall development of the country as a result of our nature education.

We reading HND courses does not necessarily mean that we don’t have choice to choose a better life from. We deserve better education and a better future career guidance. Must we as a country always sit on a problem and wait until a demonstration is done before we start to look for a solution to that same problem we sad on for a couple of years?

This is not fair at all. We the young people in the Technical University’s today don’t have anything to dream about just because we believed that, no matter how hard working and creative you are in #Ghana the people surrounded by you would never love or appreciate you by your efforts. All is as a result of our evil political goals and differences in the country. Have we forgotten that politics was introduced by man and for that matter man existed before politics and there was a strong union amongst men, so, why do we want to destroy the union amongst ourselves.
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