Press Release – TEIN-KTU Calls On Government

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Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN), Koforidua Technical University Chapter calling on government to attend to TUTAG.

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7th October, 2019


We make this press release in respect of  TUTAG declaration of indefinite strike. It should be placed on record that this strike  was avoidable if government cared for Technical University students and that the strike action will affect students academically, mentally, and emotionally. It is our understanding that this strike action has been necessitated due to this empty, insensitive and bragging government led by HE Nana Addo failure  to be trustworthy,truthful and the  outright  breach of trust and delays in honouring the condition of service which is due our hardworking lecturers and the entire TUTAG membership at large.

We the  NDC TEIN chapter of this noble Technical University and by extension, the  entire student community of Technical University’s in Ghana   are calling on government to immediately call for  negotiation  with the TUTAG lecturers .The government led by Nana Akuffo Addo must urgently attend to the needs of the lecturers by calling for a round table discussion and actively  fulfill its financial commitment to the lecturers of  Technical University Teachers in Ghana. The NDC Mahama led  government whose visionary works saw to the conversion of the then Polytechnics  had a conversion road map, and certainly ,it could not have been implemented with such high level of dishonesty,unfulfilled promises and disregard for welfare of the Technical University Education lecturers  as witnessed in how our faculty’s are being treated with what they duly deserve.

It is time for our faculty’s to be placed on the same salary scale with other public university teachers.

We find it sad and sickening on the side of this government led by HE. Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo, upon all their promises and agenda to bring heaven on earth to the good people of Ghana  to be toiling with Technical University Education like it is happening now.

The ordeal Technical University Teachers’  Of Ghana have had to go through points to one thing – the the task of governance of this country particularity at the education front has outstretched this Nana Addo led government.

This government for once should think about the poor Technical University student which is already under pressure due to hardship, delay of disbursement of Students Loan to pay fees, increase of transport fares, increase of talk tax, and utility bill.These increases have made academic life unbearable. Technical University students  I’ll not sit aloof for this already loomed strike to add up to our worsened plight because of the insensitivity  and cluelessness of this  Nana Addo led  government.

We are aware of the Staff Audit which ended in October 2018 after which the  Minister Of Education  gave  a directive to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to migrate all qualified staff to public universities salary structure on 21st December 2018. Why has there been the delays since 2018?. Why are the qualified staff not migrated to benefit from what is due them? Enough of this mind games being played by this government.

We call on the president in a respectful manner to attend to this call as a matter of urgency. Technical University Teachers must be respected, upgraded and given what is due them. A heed to this call may signal the Nana Addo led government commitment and respect for Technical University Education though we have cause to believe he does not or at best shows  a halfhearted commitment.Thank you.

Eric Perry Mensah

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