KTU: Who Pays 50% Of University’s Fees? – 2019/20

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A cross-section of KTU students is asking who can pay 50% of fees for the first semester and pay the remaining balance during the second semester.

Well, our understanding is based on the Fees structure, we extracted potions of the free structure 2019/2020 academic year. Read below 👇

Mode of payment of Fees Minimum for 1st semester: 50% of Grand Total Fees For Continuing Students and Full Payment for First-Year Students. 

Continuing students are therefore to pay at least 50% or more or in full if they can afford, freshers per this will pay in full the fees for the 2019/2020 academic year, please refer to your admission letter or the fees structure.

The question here is, Students who just completed the HND and have re-applied and gained admission into BTech are asking if they can also pay 50% fees because they feel they are also continuing students and since they are placed on level 300 and having just ended their HND in the same institution.

Well, the fees structure says full fees for first years but we will suggest you read instructions on your admission letter and if you feel otherwise, speak with your head of department and SRC for possible understanding.

Find a screenshot of part of the Fees structure below, 2019/2020

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