Threatened To Fail: A University Lady Rejects Lecture’s Proposal

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Information getting to the doorsteps of, a female university student and Lecture at a Technical University

“One of our lecture said he will fail me because I rejected his proposal but when it came I had it.

He said I will pass by grace and indeed grace found me my God is good.

He said he will fail me but incase I checked my result and I pass then is by grace”

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  1. The lecturer must be dismissed, just imagine the number of ladies that fall victim to his nonsense. The same thing happened to a lady friend of mine when we were doing our first attachment. The lecturer call the girl and we ask her to put it on loud speak and from the lecturer he said am about to start marking your end of sem script but am waiting for u to visit or else i will not mark your script….
    Long story short he gave the lady a hotel address to me him there… alot is really going on with this lecturers ooooo

  2. What is the relevance of this story? The lecturer is purported to have proposed to the female student. The student did not accept it. The lecturer said then he would fail the student. But in case she passed, it was by grace. The results have come, the student has passed by grace or by the lecturer. What is the wrongdoing here?

    Is proposing to a female student a crime? Is it a strict liability?

    What is a wrongdoing in this matter is the Fact that the lecturer sought to say the lady would fail if she did not give in. But at the end, she did not give in and she passed. The lecturer did not carry out his threat. So can you publish him for what he has said but did not do? I wonder how that is possible.

    There is no excitement in this story. The story is one sided. Someone made unsubstantiated claim and Deinsider ran to town with it. Students can talk and say all manner of things: whether true or false. So when matters of this nature come up, journalists or bloggers are expected to do some little checks.

    We should not rush to post anything about lecturers because some female student is saying so.

  3. Some of these lecturers are bad from the inside,
    They always looking good on the outside but they are really Lucifer.
    I even have recoding ; a married lecturer proposing to a student…


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