A-Wuni Is Still A-Winner Despite His Resignation

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‘Even though I’m  far away somewhere in the Middle East, I thought I should wish my brother well as he opens a new chapter in his journalism profession.

I have read with surprise the abrupt resignation of one of the frontline correspondents of Joy FM, a regular face I used to see there sometime ago.

Manasseh has a very calm and humble demeanour. He is a nice guy. I have had cause to question some of his methodology in his anti-corruption campaign. Chief amongst my issues with his methods were the Mahama Ford dossier for which I asked him to apologize to the former President and his coverage of the Osu Castle to which I go very often as a den for the training of ‘militias’.

I have never, and I don’t have any issue with the fine gentleman as a person. I only feel positive reportage about this country, its presidents both the current and the past ones and its governments would go a long way to enhance the brand of Mother Ghana in the eyes of the international community and open her up to more foreign direct investment for the good people of this country.

Even though unsolicited, some of us are on standby for any kind of support he may need to thrive as a freelance journalist. He has served well and my good will and long-standing relationship with journalists does not exclude even a single one of them including Mr. Manasseh Azure Awuni’ – Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim, in a few days inshaAllah

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