The Quest To Produce Industry Oriented Graduates To Solve And Save The World In The Future – Charles Karikari Asamoah

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Our relevance in our field today is as a result of how knowledge was transferred through education some years back when we were student’s. As drivers of the institutional vision, the quest to produce industry oriented graduates to solve and save the world in the future in this 21st century is not enshrined in our certificates or the methuselian status gained at the faculty but rather the teaching styles that brings independence in the classroom, mastery of content and competency in applying what has been learned.

The ability to fit into industry after university depends solely on the student’s independence in the subject area which is as a result of how knowledge was transferred whiles at school and the context used by their educators.

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So the question is, are we just expecting the students to realize that they are the nation’s future or should focus on what the students know, can do and are like after all the details are forgotten.


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