So Who Decides That We (Students) The People Who Are Suppose To Learn Can’t Even Use The Tools We Are More Comfortable With – Charles Karikari Asamoah

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I have been thinking about something, we have so many gadgets (smart phone, ipads and laptops) nowadays more sophisticated than the tools Neil Armstrong used in launching his first space mission. so how come we can hardly use them in our University? Our students connect with thousands of social media friends miles away and do more complex things online.

So Who decides that we (students) the people who are suppose to learn can’t even use the tools we are more comfortable with. The use of this gadgets to facilitate teaching and learning is called E-Learning. Research has shown that 94% of students in KTU use smart phones but the University is still struggling to make elearning a reality. The problem is not availability of computer laboratories or internet, the problem is primarily how educators can use ICT smartly to improve learning.

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Lets create a knowledge based society and try to make learning exciting, motivating and more relevant for students through elearning. Lets help change the narrative.


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  1. I believe the most challenge here is our professors adapting to these new developments. I believe tasks as simple as assignment delivery, you still print on hard paper rather than e-mailing to your professors. Loool


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