GNUTS Commends Anas Armiyaw Anas For His Effort In The Fight Against Corruption

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Press release


The Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS)  commends anti-corruption crusader and ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas for his great efforts in unraveling issues of corruption and the strong fight against corruption and other bad practices in Ghana.

The major challenge of many developing economied is the fight against corruption. This to a large extent affects developing countries as it denies citizens good healthcare, schools, infrastructural development, fight against poverty and disease and many more.

This young man for the past years has contributed significantly in naming, shaming and putting behind bars, individuals and entities that engage in corruption and other bad practices that hinder the development of Ghana and indeed other countries.

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Every country that needs to develop should have the caliber of people such as Anas Aremeyaw Anas to help in the fight against corruption. Such people must be encouraged and celebrated.

Ghana is very lucky and fortunate to have Anas. We should therefore rally behind him and all other anti-corruption crusaders in flushing out corruption from our societies.

It’s a great shock and most worrying for people such as Anas to be insulted and chastised for his great works and methods of unraveling corrupt people. Are we really serious as a country in the fight against corruption? If yes, then why are we afraid to support Anas’s effort in fighting corruption?  We must be serious as a country.

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This man has contributed significantly in saving lives and resources of our country with numerous exposés in various sectors of our economy to put the bad people behind these wicked deals to bars.

GNUTS wants to state emphatically that, we shall give our maximum support to this young man to help our country fight against corruption.

God bless our Ghana

God bless Anas Aremeyaw Anas

…………. Signed………….

Abdul Rahaman Ibrahim
(Coordinating Secretary)
0540853931 /0266391843

Andrews Obeng Twumasi
(Public Relations Officer)

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