The Honor Of A Young Guy; A Book By Collins Amponsah Fiifi Darko

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My hope is that, all my novels provides an interesting combination of compelling story-telling, easy yet robust principles, practical examples, and personal elements that will draw you into my real purpose. Ultimately, this narrative is a social call to action to each of you to discover how you can also be a writer. It certainly includes my own points of view on specific policy and real life approaches that are needed to help our youthful days, and I hope those are useful in their own right. But my ultimate goal is to enable and ignite a real conversation and debate about the changes required to address local, regional, and national challenges – challenges that we all must address to provide better opportunities for the next generation.

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The Honor Of A Young Guy


Charles was very quiet and innocent fine-looking gentleman in the north city of Abantam in the Volta Region. A blacksmith’s son without high school education and a public recognition. He hardly accepts failure in his life. He then signed up for a police academy in the Eastern Europe for his job pursuit in the view of turning things in his own good…

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Collins Amponsah Fiifi Darko
Koforidua Technical University
Box 981
Secretaryship and management studies department
Level 300 student

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