I’m On The Run, Be On The Run, Together Let’s Be On The Run To Know Our Constitution

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So today I ask “How conversant are you with the GNUTS Constitution”?
The Constitution which is the instrument embodying the rules, structures and the administrative systems of our Noble Union.

The sovereignty of GNUTS which resides in the members of the Union in whose name
and for whose welfare the duties and responsibilities are to be excised in the
manner and within the limits are all laid down in this Constitution.

The constitution does not only provide a recipe for an efficient governance, but also deals with limitations on power. The constitution equally serves as a guide to proper and accountable governance and to stream line the actions of our leaders not to abuse power.

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As intellectuals and professionals of this Union, CC meeting is fast approaching ie (1st -3rd June,2018). I therefore entreat all of us to read and know our constitution better to enhance an effective participation in preliminary discussions and crucial policy formulation decisions at meetings. Let’s avert our minds in article 3 clause 1 of our Constitution.

I’m on the run, be on the run, together let’s be on the run to know our Constitution.

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