Don’t Get It Twisted In The Midst Of Events

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So many events have been piled for the semester; some already took place and others are yet to take place. The events are way too much, almost every week. Right from events organized by departments, religious groups, through faculties, down to SRC, and then to the independent event organizers. And in the midst of all these, it is possible for us to lose focus on the reason why we are in school or get it all twisted.

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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Von Goethe was right; learning and preparing for success shouldn’t be at the mercy of these events; it shouldn’t be second to these events.

As students, our uttermost priority while on campus is to be successful academically and work on becoming the best we can, and this we need not to lose focus on.

In as much as attending events is a great way to release stress, have fun, network, and have a taste of the world outside your studying world, you most not give more attention to events than you do to your books.

Do not get it twisted. Do not lose your focus. Yes, feel free to have fun, but while you have fun, don’t forget to dedicate more time to the very reason while you are in school.

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Events shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t study. They shouldn’t be the reason why you are unable to attend lectures. They shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t do assignments or quizzes. And they certainly don’t have to be the reason why you will fail at the end of the semester.

Value your time. Value your priorities and get them right. Have fun but don’t let the fun be the reason why you will fail.

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