SuPreMo WriTes: Wealth & Poverty

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Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish born American wealthy manufacturer said, β€œmillions seldom smile” his fellow American, John D. Rockefeller said, β€œgreat wealth is a burden destroying the real zest of life and banishing peace from the heart”.
Consider Nero, seated on the splendid throne of the Emperor of Rome, conqueror of the then world; The porches of his palace were a mile long and the ceiling of his banquet halls were arranged to shower perfumes upon the entertainers gathered from every corner of the world. His crown was worth half a million dollars.
A thousand chariots accompanied him whenever he travelled.
He never wore the same dress twice, but he was gloomy, miserable, unhappy and dissatisfied, and later, he committed suicide.

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Why will you think riches is the only source of happiness in life.
You have every right to be happy in life.
Life is full of choices.
Being an ant, no need to think of building a home of an elephant.
Appreciate what you have and bless your maker for it. This will let your maker grant you more.
All fingers are not equal and cannot perform same function.
Appreciate what you have so others may also accept.

β€œEverybody is precious in a special way” – Mr. Eugene Oware-Koranteng.
β€œYou are all here for a purpose so be focused and take home your share” – Mr Martin Offei.
β€œInvest in your head not your hair. (Each person has got some capabilities so invest in your future than investing on present features)” – Mr. Martin Offei.

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The world is not for the rich, the poor, the strong, the weak, the dull, the swift, etc. Since we are all living in the same world, it is for all.
Life is good
Live it
Feel it
Enjoy it.

Acknowledgement: Xiaaba Yidana – Lecturer – Koforidua Technical University.
Mr. Eugene Oware-Korangteng – Lecturer, Koforidua Technical University.
Mr. Martin Offei. – Lecturer – Koforidua Technical University.

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