Door Closed, Windows Opened; The Ridiculous State Of KTU Entrance Security Checks.

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It happened on Friday evening at exactly 6:10pm as I walked past the main entrance. I must confess I was totally thrown into a sudden state of disbelief, amidst a background joyous feeling, to find out that all individuals using the main entrance to enter campus, have to undergo security checks to determine beyond any doubt that they are part of the university community before granted entry.  An eye saw moment about this drama filled event was when students were being turned away in their numbers, for not having their student ID Cards with them at that moment.

My joy stemmed from the fact that as Ghana is more and more drawn into the web of international terrorist organisations, I could confidently beat my chest and say that a bomb would be detected way before it explodes at KTU with the introduction of this seeming revolutionary security reform. Not even the University of Ghana does ID Card inspection at it’s gates

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My satisfaction however, vaporised quickly at the discovery that the other three points of entry to campus were no such surveillance seen at the main entrance. I began to ask myself what management sought to achieve with this half-way security measure. It is akin to closing your door while leaving the windows but hoarding the belief that you are shielded from possible attacks from assailants. How ironic!

No matter the reasons accounting for the deployment of this halfway security measure by the university management, we must admit it is one that is dead on arrival.

What makes the school management think that people harboring bad intention for the school and its students would prefer to force themselves through the closed door, raising unnecessary red flags, when they know they could easily accomplish their operation using the opened window?

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What came to be even more disheartening was to find students stranded, some having to walk additional distances to use alternative entrance routes into campus all because of a security reform that would most likely fail to achieve the least of the desired result.

If the security checks cannot be replicated at the other routes of entrance into campus,(small gate near the AS block, the FNBE gate, the Getfund gate and the way leading from campus.) then I am humbly appealing for it to be scrapped altogether because at worst, it is a waste of time and at best, it only adds to the frustration of students of which in the first place, every university is designed to serve and equip with skills.

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Yussif Gariba

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