Meet Rachel Wyettey – Author Of Dear Damsel: The Most Anticipated Book

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Dear Damsel is currently the talk of the town and there is no doubt it is the most anticipated book. The most interesting part of it is the fact that the author is one of our very own and we are proud of her.

Racheal Wyettey, also known as Risa, is a current student of KTU.

She is an author, blogger, radio show host, radio producer, speaker, volunteer, and a mentor.

She is also the brain behind Today’s Youth Journal and TV, and owns a personal blog – Racheal Wyettey Writes – where she features personality series (Damsels on Fire), her creative writings, personal experiences and inspirational contents.

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Reading, writing and helping others, are the three things that excite Risa most in this world.

To know more about her or get interactive, follow Racheal on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About The Book

Dear Damsel is a book written for damsels who desire to discover, accept and nurture themselves. It is also for those who crave to be on fire; to explore, break limitations and lead fulfilling lives before getting married, To know more about the book, click here or tune in to the hash tag #DearDamsel on social media platforms.

The Book launch will take place on Saturday, 31st March, 2018 at Oceanic Resort, Korle Gonno, Accra at 4pm exactly. Visit here to know more about the launch including special guests and what your expectations should be.

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