A Book by Engr. Patrick Atsu Agbemabiese Titled Excellence

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Excellence is part of every human being and emanates from our make up as humans created by God. It is deposited in every person who has made it to the planet earth. The ability to realize and light it to bloom is the key that waits in the hand of every individual. To be best at what we do, takes knowledge, will and efforts to achieve it. Discovering the ability to climb into success springs us into excellence and provide us the requisite drives.

Excellence Page ii God in His capacity is excellence, His act is excellence and His expectation of man is excellence. As you journey with me into lighting up the fiber of excellence in you take along the decision to allow yourself a chance to bloom to the very essence of this book.

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Geographical position does not give a clue to the act of excellence, it is the individual who indicates his location by act of excellence. The spirit of God the reminder and helper see you through as you release the elements of your body to Him.

A Book you must read

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About the Author

Engr. Patrick Atsu Agbemabiese is the Head of Department of Electrical Electronics Engineering , Faculty of Engineering at Koforidua Technical University

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