KTU Examination – Baba Yakini

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It is that time of the semester again where students of KTU  have to give account to the King as to whatever they  have done throughout their stay on campus this semester. This connotes the fact that “Nature does not hurry but yet everything is accomplished”.

It is not an easy task but it’s a necessary evil that students prove how worthy they are of the stay the King has given them hence their examination. For those of you in second and third year, you may be familiar with the system and its inevitable pressure by now. For those in first year, although it is not as easier as you move further. I am sure you all have probably felt the change in atmosphere with the examinations approaching. But there is no need to worry at all.

Dear first years, just as your predecessors have sailed through successfully, you will sail through as well. No matter how much they mystify the Communicative Skills or the Quantitative Studies/Method or even the Economics you will still make it and at your best. However, there are a few things to note before taking your examinations.

These are rules that will guide you smoothly through the period of examination without any ‘wahala’ whatsoever.

Candidates are expected to make themselves available least hour at the appointed venues before the commencement of every paper.

A candidate may not be allowed admission into the examination hall if he/she reports after half an hour of the commencement of the paper.

It is the responsibility of every candidate to go with their Student Identification Cards as proof that they are indeed students of the university. There will be an inspection of the cards during the examination and the candidates will be required to display the cards at the start of the examination.

Candidates are expected to equip themselves with required materials such as pens, pencil, ruler, calculator, amongst others for the examination.

Borrowing of the materials above will not be allowed since no form of communication will be allowed in the examination hall.

Candidates are also expected to ensure that they are given the right question papers and other writing or reference materials needed for the examination. Each candidate must read instructions carefully and follow suite.

In furtherance, candidates are entreated not to bring close to the examination centres bags, books, mobile phones, programmable calculators and watches.

No candidate shall enter the examination hall until they have been thoroughly checked and called into the examination room.

The following shall not be accepted as reasons for being absent for any paper during the university examinations.

  • Misreading the timetable.
  • Forgetting the date of the examination.
  • Inability to locate the Examination Hall.
  • Over-sleeping.
  • Inability to find transport.
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Finally, candidates are expected to use their index numbers throughout the period of the examination. Under no circumstance should a candidate write his/her name on any part of the answer booklet or the question paper.

I wish you the very best in this semester’s coming examination and I am sure these rules will be very helpful in guiding you through the period of the examinations. Study hard, do your very best and commit it all to the Lord. I believe you will do excellent this semester.

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