The End From The Beginning

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As always said, Silence is the language of the gods, but they pay back bitterly when stepped on their toes. I know this writeup will invite critics but that’s the truth above circumstances.

SRC positions have been the very eye of students which seem to be the breakthrough of students who are interested in holding positions.

Those in positions know the benefits of it and for that matter they feel sad when their time of serving is due. Because of that, they nurture the weak people, the corrupt characters like them, their mates who are close to them to go for such positions in other for them to continue the task which they couldn’t accomplish. They don’t just nurture anybody but they choose someone they can influence and give them opportunity to have their way through even if they are out of office. That’s absurdity to it’s apex. SRC position is not a profit making venture so THIS NONSENSE MUST STOP

It’s another set of students who are in now and a lot of them have their own aim and ambitions as far as serving the interest of students is concern. Those in power selects who they want to hand over power to no matter what it takes. The most annoying aspect on the part of our females is of the fact that, since they are desperate for the position, they sell their pride in other to serve Isn’t that absurdity at highest degree. Those characters involve should be very careful because this time around history will never repeat itself. No more family and friends. KTU will know so in other to escape been shamed, do what is expected of you not what is expected of them.

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And to the so called director of elections, there are no two lands that are pure and impure on their own. The purity of the land depends on the mindset of the people leaving on it. People with good mindsets will definitely make their land pure. Therefore develop a good mindset about things that will have positive impact on the student body rather than using the innocent aspirants to satisfy your parochial interest. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, LEAVE THE INNOCENT ASPIRANTS ALONE The saddest thing, is these characters will use all the female aspirants and help immerge only one. So Isn’t that foolishness? in the face of those who will fall prey.
Guess what would happen. The people who are not able to meet their target are the same people whose cabals will take over from them. Interesting

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If our servers today will hand over power to their own mates, then you can judge the end from the beginning.
It takes few visionary people to identify this and it will be mandatory task unto them to prevent this from happening.
Beware of such Servers, Students of KTU because they are only coming to steal, destroy and classify you as idiots. Students are not interested becomes the song for the day if you try to fight for what is due you. The odour of the air will change if you help them occupy the office they are desperate for.
No man can ride you unless your back is bent. If you don’t stand for your right, the src will sit on your right so stand up and fight what is due you. Expect satisfaction not Excuses.

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They are among us organizing and promoting programs. They are communicators for their bosses and won’t hesitate to ride upon you no matter who you are if you criticize their cohorts. They look innocent but with dirty mind of corruption. Let them know that, “If the hunter has learnt to shoot without missing, the bird has also learnt to fly without perching”
Until we come together and tell them enough is enough, they will continue to take us for granted.
Students should start having interest in issues relating to the SRC because it’s the toils of our parents, our own sweats they use to steer the affairs of the council.
You shouldn’t forget that, it’s these same people who have their way through the political parties which surround us today. Help kick such characters out of our student politics before they grow horns.
Until we clear the rot right here, Ghana will always remain as it is because of this same characters we see among us.

Signed ✍🏿

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