Stop The Indiscriminate Posting And Littering On Campus By Enviro Ghana Foundation

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Indiscriminating bill-posting have become one of the nuisances threatening the health and aesthetic credibility of the physical environment on campus. Although the problem is a serious one, it is yet to receive attention from management and other concerned authorities. Koforidua Technical University is gradually turning into an eyesore. Aside all the other causes which are obvious, the activities of religious bodies, SRC hopefuls, event organizers and social clubs splashing every available space with posters of their activities are truly anger generating to say the least. Until these groups stop pasting posters indiscriminately, our campus would not be clean. It is a sheer act of indiscipline!!!!

For instance, polytanks, podium, walls, waste bins and classrooms among others are all white washed with posters of event organizers, churches, SRC hopefuls and many others. Most of the posters cause a high level of environmental uncleanliness and defacements. Apart from the very fundamental matter of defacing the environment and robbing public and private structures of the very aesthetic qualities, they are supposed to contribute to the enhancement of the beauty of our surroundings.

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I therefore recommend the following;

  • The university should have a policy to regulate the activities of individuals who paste posters indiscriminately. This policy is to manage the physical posting of material on campus in a way that ensures the appropriate use of available space, prevents the defacing of the university’s property and reduces unnecessary expenditures of the university resources used to repair and/or replace the property
  • There is also need for the promulgation and enforcement of the polluter pays principle as practiced in some traditional universities in Ghana. By this principle, individuals or organizations responsible for causing burden on the environment must be made to bear the cost arising therefore.
  • There is also a need for mapping out of specific location for the display or pasting of posters, banners, etc. This will go a long way to promote environmental decency. Also, more notice board should be provided.
  • Management should also take a critical look at the KNUST paperless communication policy. The policy seeks to ban the pasting of paper notices on campus and encourage the use of technology in disseminating information to the entire university community.
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The reckless littering attitude of some students on campus is a clear sign of indiscipline. These students litter the environment indiscriminately without any shame. Even in areas where there are waste bins students still dump their waste anywhere. These same people would turn around to complain of filth in our environment. As intellectuals, we must refrain from indiscriminate disposal of waste on campus and make good use of the waste bin provided at vantage places to complement waste and sanitation management on campus.

We must all support the SAY NO TO LITTERING CAMPAIGN and the POST NO BILL CAMPAIGN to make our campus and its surrounding clean. 

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