Steps To Activate Student Information Portal (SIP) For The First Time

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    1. Open your web browser
    2. Enter the url in the address bar and click go or hit the ā€˜Enterā€™ key to open the login page as shown above
    1. Enter your full index number eg. 04/2017/0000D for the username and enter sip4kdpoly as the password for the first time. Note: the sip4kdpoly should be typed in small letters.
    2. You will be asked to change the password after logging in the first time. Enter sip4kdpoly as the old password and set your new desire password, re-type the new password again and click on change password to continue.


    1. After successful changing of password, you will be presented with click to enter button. Click on it to return to the login the login page again


    1. At the Login page enter your index number as username and your new password to login.


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