KTU Electoral System Must Be Reformed

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Since the dawn of creation, change has been a regulatory factor. One may agree or disagree this assertion but it remains undisputable. With reference to the unpleasant events which engulf elections on campus, i write to suggest the following reforms to the electoral system which is currently in use in KTU to help prevent heated problems in the subsequent academic years as far as campus election is concern

Obey the Election Date Enshrined In the Constitution

The duration for campaigning and voting for the various portfolios especially the SRC elections is always very near to the examination period. This leads to a reduction in the commitment of the aspirants and at the end of it all, the aspirants as well as their campaign team do not get ample duration to embark on their study thereby affecting their academic performance at large. The article 26 of the SRC constitution talks about the Transition and Handing Over. Clause (iii) of the Article 26 reads “Handing over shall be done on the twelveth (12th) week of the second semester

It is therefore my humble opinion that the slated article should be obeyed so that campaigning and voting can take place at the early part of the second semester before the final examination.

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The Essence to Support Aspirants Not To Disqualify Them at Vetting

There is the need to redefine the word “vetting” in the SRC constitution to explicitly mean public screening and not elimination. This is the basis for massive anomalies as the EC is forced to sell the vetting questions to the aspirants. It also creates room for opponents to bribe the EC or some members of the vetting panel to disqualify their key opponents.

I can say without fear or favour that, the commissioner is always responsible for the leakage of vetting questions to some aspirants. So if this same commissioner rely on the article 23(vii) and disqualify an aspirant on the basis of election malpractice. It doesn’t mean well at all because they all have to suffer the same fate if such instance occurs.

It is therefore my suggestion that the vetting process should not lead to the disqualification of aspirant but should rather give the opportunity to the public to screen each and every aspirant. As such, i call on the Judicial Committee to pass legislations to this effect and that it should be included in the constitutional review.  The Article 23(vii) should be taken a second look at.

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Adoption of Biometric Voting

We all believe in the accession, No election is free and fair. Whether the use of Manual or Electronic system.

It is my honest opinion that the biometric system of voting should be adopted in the SRC elections as well as all other forms of elections on campus per the cost involve. This system when duly adopted and implemented would lead to greater transparency and fairness in the electoral process rather than the use of the manual. Time and money will be saved if this biometric system is adopted. I therefore urge that legislation be passed to this effect so that we don’t encounter any legal problems again as far as campus election is concerned.

Desisting From Character Assassination of Colleague Aspirants

Gone were the days when propaganda and insults were used as a tool to gain political points. This must come to an end.

I totally abhor the hollowing of the image of colleague aspirants in the quest to make them unpopular so as to advance one’s own political chances. This instances leads to the use of cheap propaganda, insults, provocative words and the tagging of opponents as enemies.

It is therefore prudent that an electoral regulation be enacted so that an aspirant who fall culprit of this regulation is disqualified upright from the race so as to instil sanity and discipline in the electoral process.

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The psychology of Ghanaians when it comes to politics generally has been very much influenced by our political history and experiences which the use of defamatory languages etc. has done us nothing good. As youths, I think Ghanaians have realised that the best way forward for this country and for that matter for Africa is to have a stable democratic government guided by the principles of good governance which ours is not exempted.

Pursuant to the above discussed, it is my greatest hope that these recommendations would be checked and considered in an attempt to develop a very effective electoral system for KTU which can serve as an epitome for other universities and institutions to go by. In an attempt to achieve this,  there must be  a round table discussion with all relevant stakeholders to find possible way out on how best to fully bring into existence  the recommendations stated and how best to fully implement them.


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