Online Business In ICT Training

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Package include

  • Online/Digital Marketing
  • Website/Blog Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Cryptocurrency/Ditgital Money
  • Hidden Tips
  • Security Tips

 Online/Digital Marketing,

Ideal for marketing students, you can be a Digital Marketing Manager,

A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services. He or she plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

A digital marketing manager also identifies and evaluates new digital technologies and uses Web analytics tools to measure site traffic to better optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media and display and search advertising.

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 Website/Blog Design

A website designer in 3 weeks!! Yes in weeks, you do not require any programmable skills to learn. Using Content Management Systems like WordPress, we will teach you how to build a professional website. A professionally designed website is the most cost effective marketing tool available in the world today

Web Hosting

You don’t need thousands of dollars to start your own web hosting business. What to know about starting a web hosting business. Ideal for student with little capital how want to earn real money whiles in school

Domain Name Registration

Some experts who are following modern technology have called the world of domains a gold rush scenario, is very profit making if venture

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Cryptocurrency/Ditgital Money Trading/investment


Cryptocurrency Trading is the Forex (Foreign Exchange) of cryptocurrencies. This means, you are able to trade different bitcoin and altcoin normally for USD and BTC. Cryptocurrency Trading is an alternative way to get involved in the Crypto-World! It doesn’t require mining hardware nor investing in bitcoin hyips or bitcoin cloud mining (which always has risk involved in their integrity).


The advent of Bitcoin and its stellar rise over the last few years has investors pouring their money into cryptocurrencies by the millions. In what can only be described as the biggest investment opportunity since the dot com boom, cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are achieving sky-high valuations in droves. The market capitalization of Bitcoin and some other popular VCs is quickly approaching $100 billion. While this trend is largely speculative, it shows no signs of stopping and has made many people extremely wealthy

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The Training Starts on 28th October, the cost of training is 250ghc, if you have any enquiries/call/whatsapp this 0240273100/0209357968


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