The Doctor’s Doctor

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The most arising question in the health sector preferable Medical Laboratory Science field is who are we and what is our value. The answer is numerous.

In my wonder and effort to find the answer “numerous”, Wikipedia was of a great help and this was my finding: “A Biomedical Scientist – BMS (also Known as a Biomedical Doctor or Medical Scientist or Clinical Laboratory Scientist) now Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) in Ghana is a scientist trained in biology, particularly in the context of medicine.

The scientist work to gain knowledge on the main principles of how the human body works, diagnosis disease with scientific approach and to find new ways to cure or treat disease by developing advanced diagnostic way or new therapeutic strategies. In view of the above explained, what is your answer and opinion?

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Our beloved country (Ghana) has develop a perception that the clinician who sit in the consulting room is to be given the overall and momentum credit for the well-being and cure of a patient disease which is totally false and incidental. We live in a society whereby people know less about the importance and role of the Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) in disease diagnosis, prevention and policy initiating for a better health delivery system.

I want to encourage upcoming Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) like myself that the future is bright and appreciating.

My professor lecturer used to tell us (his students) during Immunology lectures that “you are the doctor’s doctor, don’t tell them because they wouldn’t agree but it is true”.
In my resolution to answer the professor’s question, I realized that my effort ine

  1. estimating a Patients Hemoglobin (HBG) to aid health care,
  2. finding a patient blood group for grouping and cross matching to aid blood transfusion,
  3. performing urinalysis and its microscopy for bacteria identification and others,
  4. Culture and sensitivity for specific antibiotics for treatment is indeed the work of a doctor’s doctor.
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I see a future whereby if a patient doesn’t see a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) for laboratory confirmation of his/her condition, he/she will believe little in the health system.

As at 2016, I encountered patient who says “I didn’t get a better treatment today at the hospital”.  In my quest to find why such complains, I was told “I did not go to the lab”. Have you try asking yourself why these patients say these? The fact is they have started believing in the Laboratory result as accurate and exact of their situation.

What then is your opinion, who is the doctor’s doctor?

Written by
Ernest Wilson Junior

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