Establish A Healthy Relationship With Your Colleagues

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It’s pathetic how we allow EGO, PERSONAL PREFERENCES, and few others to prevent us from relating to our colleagues rightfully.

As a student, you are not on campus just to make grades, you are also entitled to build healthy relationship and be nurtured by those that you meet.

Yes, the fact that he/she is not your friend doesn’t mean he/she is your enemy or you can’t be nice. Build healthy relationship with your colleagues; it’s the best thing you can do for yourself while you’re in school, and once you’re targeting success.

Who do you need to establish healthy relationship with your colleagues? You need to do that because of the following reasons:

  • Expand your networking cycle
  • Be amazingly human and feel good
  • For tomorrow’s sake
  • To learn something entirely different
  • To receive same treatment from them
  • To live a healthy and successful academic life.
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How to ensure healthy relationship with colleagues:

  • Learn to say I’m sorry (Saying it doesn’t kill).
  • Assist your colleagues when need be (whether academically or otherwise).
  • Inform those who missed lectures or relevant information (they will be grateful).
  • Be caring (Ask of your colleagues, find out how they are faring, intercede for them, and provide assistance financially when you can).
  • Don’t be judgemental.
  • Accept them for who they are and what makes them (that’s what makes them unique).
  • Avoid gossiping or spreading false rumours (You won’t feel good if you are the victim).
  • Communicate effectively
  • Give compliments and be appreciative.
  • Correct them politely and privately.
  • Take pictures together and have memorable moments (you’ll look back tomorrow and smile).
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Aside your friends, have you ever been able to establish a good relationship with your colleagues?

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