Cultivate The Habbit Of Listening To Radio

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The current rate at which the global village is developing, and how technology is getting the better half of us, we hardly get time to listen to radio or prefer doing other things to that of listening to radio. Which ever way, radio is ideal for you, and you should cultivate the habit of listening to radio.

Radio is a source of entertainment and pleasure. Right form your comfort zone, you get to enjoy good music; both old and new; different genres; and you as well get to listen to different interesting programs that help you crack your ribs and have fun all along.

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You can listen to it anytime and at anywhere without any inconvenience. Unlike the television which you hardly get to watch because you’re either on campus or hostel mates or colleagues prefer other channel to the one you prefer, you get to tune it to your ideal channel and enjoy it all by yourself using the headset without disturbing others.

Radio is a cheap way to get information compared to other media sources. Right on your phone, all you do is switch it to your ideal station unlike other sources whereby you either use internet bundle or purchase news papers. Through radio, you are well informed and updated on current affairs through news casting and other informative programs.

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Free education and Enlightenment. Listening to radio shows such as educative, lifestyle, love and relationship, and science and technology shows educates and enlightens you on those areas of life. You receive insight and your understanding is opened to living healthy, ensuring healthy lifestyle, making right educations and career choices, etcetera.

Whenever you’re in a pensive mood, consider to listening to radio. We receive inspiration from inspirational shows and good music, plus, it has the ability to change your mood.

The above benefits of listening to radio might not be enough to convince you to listen to radio, especially, if you’re not a fan of radio. But heyye I inspire you to give it a try, you might find a different reason to do that often.

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Thinking of how to start while on campus? Tune in to KTU Radio (87.7MHz) or your campus Radio depending on the Institute you’re in. You can also tune in to Star FM, 3FM, Adom FM or Live FM.

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