When Life Smiles At You…

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So everyone encounters bad moments. Moments when life punches you with real hard blows; when it pours down storms or stones instead of rain; when the tears just can’t stop flowing and when your head can’t stop spinning. Yes, those moments are moments when life frowns at you and I mean real frown – one that hastens ageing.

Trust me on this,  no one is an exemption when it comes to such moments. Everyone encounters it at least thrice in life. They get to that junction where all they feel like is giving up. Where their vision becomes blur, they become very weak and dark cloud is all that surrounds them. Where the only strength they think they have is one for giving up. If you ever find yourself in such a moment, tell me, will you return to where you started from,  remain where you’ve gotten to or keep moving towards your dreams?
Then again, wait a moment. There comes another hour in life when beautiful moments arrive – when you can’t stop smiling for a second. Yes,  that’s when life smiles at you. When does life smile at you? When you don’t return to your starting point or stop at where you’ve gotten to; when you don’t give up or allow the bad moments to break you down, that’s when life duffs it’s hat for you and shows you a “thumbs-up”. It says “If I can’t destroy him, let me build him up”. It also says,  “If my frown doesn’t stop her,  she deserves my smile.”

When life smiles at you,  it clears the clouds for the world to see the star in you and endows you with the magic to turn your dreams into realities. Your star then attracts golden moments and golden people. 

So don’t give up. Work harder and keep pressing on no matter how hard life blows you or how tough the going gets. Show life how strong and focused you are. Show it you are worthy of its smiles. Only then will it salute and smile at you. Anytime you find yourself in front of the frowns, don’t give up, remember, golden moments are ahead. Remember, “When life smiles at You, all others smile at you”.
Have you ever gotten to the junction of “giving up”? Do share your experience in the comments section to inspire others. 
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  1. Racheal, you are my favourite blogger so far, your writings are educative and informative, and you jnspire a lot. Keep it up. #NaaYaa


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