SRC Week Celebration Saga: Council Will Reinstate The SRC Week Celebration – His Excellency Gabriel Mensah

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On Wednesday 3rdย May, 2017, Koforidua Technical University’s Universal Hall wrote a request for detailed explanation from the leadership of Student Representative Council for the cancellation of the week Celebration and sub Activities with reference to the Council notice dated 20th April, 2017.

In their letter, they gave the SRC President His Excellence Gabriel Mensah 24 hours ultimatum to respond to them of which the Council failed. As at 14 hour GMT on Thursday 4th May, 2017, Universal Hall stormed the SRC Office to demand an immediate respond to students plea.

Students from all Faculties and Departments joined in this protest in getting a good explanation for the cancellation of the week celebration. In a red shirt seriously singing showing their disappointment to the President and the Council.

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In a nutshell, His Excellence Gabriel Mensah addressed students saying as it has been stated in the Council’s notice, there is no funds to organise the week celebration. Upon so much agitation from students on what he was saying, he concluded by saying the Council will reinstate the SRC Week Celebration.

The question is when will that be? How will they organise the celebration? Where will they get the money?

What is your view about the whole thing. Leave your comments below

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  1. the worst Src ever….we regret voting for them…. Gabriel Mensah you are disgrace to all marketing student

  2. Very Bhad .. I can’t believe this the reason for cancellation .. Where did all the SRC money passed.. Bhad Leadership !! Fire Upon You

  3. Comment: this SRC is a disappointment to the entire student body…….i can’t believe this……..

  4. SRC week celebration is even done in snr high schools….
    How much more a tertiary. ..

    It’s better to cancel programs like : Akwaaba night, Miss obaapa and organise Week Celebration n Mr n Mrs Poly (university)..

    It’s better to organise a single or double entertainment program/s the whole academic year and organise it well than to organise about 4 or 5 and flop or loose a huge sum of money. …..

    I pray the next SRC executives will reason and be unique

  5. This SRC is a bomb paaaaaaaaaa and don’t know who even voted for them. They couldn’t even give the sport department anything during the games at Bolga. S**t src

  6. Comment:Otwea next time they shouldn’t do that mistake again, what kind of disgraceful life is that?

  7. When are they organizing this program. After examination? Am no more interested. Let’s talk about how to retrieve the fee paid for it.

  8. The src body is a disgrace to the institution, being bold enough to tell students that there is no funds to organise our week. And more over we now have no organizer in the body so how will they organize things

  9. Ha!
    What has happened to the SRC dues?
    What have they used the dues for?

    The SRC dues shouldn’t be compulsory;

  10. Comment:the SRC should be desolved, since the students c no activeness from the board and they keep quiet at the time they are to defend the students.
    they have no qualities or competencies to b called a leader.

  11. This is a clear example of incompetency on the side of the src. The president himself doesn’t know his duty. Waiting for students to air their grievances on a major situation without they even coming out prior to the intervention of the student body. It’s really a shame to the presidency.

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