9 Life-changing Lessons From The Encounter 1

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Written by Sean Paul Murphy and Timothy Ratajczak,  and directed by David A. R. Wnile,  The Encounter Part One is one of the most refreshing Christian moviess I have watched in a long time that touched on real life situations people face, and how God takes a tough decision to allow certain things to come their way so that they might be saved.

The movie that touched my heart (and the heart of many who have watched it), tells a story of how five strangers were compelled by the closure of a road to come together at a eatery, had an encounter with Jesus (the owner) – an encounter that brought them to a life changing decision.
The strangers were:
– Nick a former NFL player and owner of burger restaurants.
– Hank and Catherine, a married couple whose marriage is at the point of collapsing.
РMelissa, a Christian on her way to meet her boyfriend (an atheist)  with the hope that he will propose to her.
РKayla,  a young girl escaping the ugly living conditions in Los Angeles.
As an inspirational movie,  The Encounter 1 unveiled some secrets to living a healthy Christian life,  examining the true conditions of life and living a beautiful fulfilled life. Read along as I share with you the lessons this movie has taught me. Quiet long but worth reading.
Going to church does not make you a Christian.¬†When Catherine had an encounter with Jesus,¬† she became furious because of the way Jesus spoke about her. She was like “Are you saying I am not a Christian? I go to church, I am the Sunday school teacher,¬† blah blah blah”. But Jesus made it clear to her that there is more to been a Christian than going to church. As a true Christian,¬† we must live like Christ Jesus, exhibiting his true virtues through our words, actions and the way we relate to life issues.
Pride and selfishness leads us into destruction.¬†In the movie, Nick allowed his pride and selfishness to take the greater part of him. He rejected all questionings on his lifestyle and proved stubborn as he refused to repent and change his ways. Hence, he happily left with the police officer (Deville – devil) and met his death in an accident involving a crash. If he had trusted in Jesus and repented, he wouldn’t have left the eatery,¬† he would have been saved. Pride might not lead you into death as it led Nick but might kill something else equally precious to you like life. Repent now and be saved.
Forgiveness brings healing and liberation.¬†Kayla has ran away from home and changed her real identity because she couldn’t stand the trauma,¬† mistreatment and the hell she calls home.¬† When she had an encounter with Jesus, she was hesitant at first,¬† she didn’t want to talk about it or be reminded of all the hurt and ugly scenes.¬† But later on, she listened to Jesus and believed that Jesus gives rest to the burdened and heals the broken hearted. She gained the strength to and agreed to forgive her abusive step father despite all that he has done to her even as Jesus forgive her. There is more to forgiveness than we think. It liberates us from the bondage of holding grudges and fills us with the peace of God.
Asking Jesus to intervene in your situation means you are ready to obey and be guided by him.¬†Hank asked Jesus to save his marriage but he acted contrary to his faith by trying to follow his wife instead of Jesus. This made Jesus hint on the fact that we do ask him to help us but we don’t listen to his instructions. This means that listening to his instructions is very essential to receiving what we asked for.
If only you will ask Jesus (or ask God in His name), you will receive what you asked for. When Hank was devastated about his wife leaving him (after Jesus had told him she will leave anyway) asked if Jesus can save his marriage. Jesus then replied that He will save the marriage if he asks him to. Hank asked him to and Jesus saved his marriage.
God is more concerned about providing our needs even though we ask for our wants.¬†Melissa thinks she loves and needs her boyfriend but Jesus mentioned that if he really loves her,¬† he won’t let her travel that long distance just to come to him before he proposes. He made her understand that,¬† her boyfriend is what she wants and not what she needs – not what God desires for him. At the long run,¬† Melissa rethinks of the long term difficulties she will face in a relationship or marriage with a boyfriend who is a non believer.
Thinking God has rejected us is something we all do when we don’t receive what we asked for or when things doesn’t go our way. We forget God is working out something better and we also overlook the fact that¬†God allows certain things to come our way in order to prepare us for greater things.¬†All things works together for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).
The devil is like a roaring lion seeking for opportunities (such as your worse moments and weaknesses) to devour you. The devil showed up at a time Nick was proving stubborn and led him into destruction. The moment you are in a bad state or refuse to allow Jesus work on you, is the moment the devil attacks. Be alert.
Jesus knows everyone, ¬†He knows it all. When the strangers gathered at the eatery, the major thing that shocked and pissed some of them is the fact that Jesus appeared all-knowing. He mentioned their names directly, ¬†told some their problems, ¬†their favourite meal and made some of the meals exactly how the strangers’ relatives prepared it for them. Their past, ¬†problems and hopes wasn’t a secret to him. He foretold Hank that Kayla and Nick won’t be able to leave so he should relax and truly, ¬†the car couldn’t start so they returned. He knew each of them even before they were born. Is there anything that is a secret unto Him? No.
Too long right? If you have not watched this movie yet,¬† do watch it,¬† there are more lessons than this and I’m sure it has a message for you. However, do share in your comments if you have watched it before. I would like to hear from you.
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  1. I watched the movie and I enjoyed it. But av to admit dese lessons never occurred to me… Tnx for sharing… U r genius


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