5 Effective Ways To Break S*xual Addiction

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Micheal Herkov, Ph.D, in his article, What Is S*xual Addiction?, stated that,  s*xual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive s*xual thoughts and acts. Like all addictions, its negative impact on the addict and on family members increases as the disorder progresses.

Signs of s*xual addiction include, inability to change, preoccupation with s*x, ashamed of s*xual acts, lost of power over s*xual acts, etcetera.

Some causes of s*xual addiction are:

Rejection in relationships
Social isolation
Social learning
Environmental influences

(For further reading on causes, symptoms and medical treatments,  visit CausesSymptoms and medical treatments.)

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Now to the five effective ways of breaking s*xual addiction:

1. Be sincere to yourself. Rita, who once was a s*x addict, when asked about how she overcame it, has this to say, “The first step I took was to admit the fact that I am a s*x addict. Before,  I denied the fact out of shame over and over even though I hated my s*xual acts. But eventually, I admitted it and started seeking for help”. Until you admit you have a problem, you will never be able to solve it.

2. Avoid triggers. Last week,  I enquired from my readers some of the practical ways through which, s*xual addiction can be broken and the result was amazing. 98% of them outlined avoiding s*xual addiction triggers. “First, do away with the things that gets you addicted to s*x,” one said. Another also replied,  “The only thing that comes into mind is not getting close to things or people that makes one addicted.  This should tell you how helpful this step is to breaking the addiction.

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3. Do not isolate yourself from gathering. This will keep you active and away from thinking about s*x. If not, so far as you are lonely, you will be getting flashbacks that will compel you to go for s*x again.

4. Think positive. I believe it is about the state of the mind and so many others,  including medical experts and studies confirms that. The mind has the power to break it. So if you are determined to break it, think positive and about things that ain’t s*x related.

5. Get yourself busy whenever you find yourself alone, idle or tempted to act s*xually. Consider using your hobbies, exercises, etcetera as tools to break it.

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How helpful are the above ways? What are some of the ways through which you overcame s*xual addiction? Do Share in your comments.


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  1. This article is very educative. I had the same problem (opening up about it) but when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I spoke to an elderly woman about it n she asked me to do d #3 #4 #5 ways mentioned in this article, and it really helped me.

    • Thanks for sharing, I’m glad to know. Encourage your friend to take the other steps, and she will be free from this.

  2. I read it three days ago and so asked a friend to read too since she was having the same problem. She just told me she’s taken the first step and it seems, it’s helpful. Thanks for the education, and keep it up.

    • Dora, you are welcome. I’m glad she did took the first step. Do encourage her to take the other steps, and thanks for sharing in your comment.

    • Fredrick, don’t just try, do as the article directed and your hope will be a reality. These are very effective.


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