3 Easy Low-Impact Exercises That Help Lose Weight

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More and more people are starting to join gyms in an effort to lose weight but the truth is, weight lose is not tied up to how much time you spend in the gym. This article discusses three easy low-impact exercises that help lose weight. Before you read on, let go of the thought that low-impact exercises are good for older people. It’s true,  low-impact exercises are for older people because they can’t stand much stress but that does not nullify the fact that it’s good for young people. Get it, regardless of your age, you can get a great workout just by using these low-impact exercises.

Jumping Rope 

You may think jumping rope is for kids or for boxers like Azuma Nelson, but not for you. That’s wrong. Jumping rope can be used by anyone at all; it’s a cheap, portable, and effective way to exercise and to lose weight. It is a great calorie-burner and doing it for 30minutes will produce a caloric burn of approximately 300 calories.
You doubt it? Find out why Buddy Lee, a former Marine and Olympic wrestler spent years spreading the gospel of jump-rope training and teaching people how to do mind-blowing things with a rope.


Mostly, swimming is thought about as having fun, relieving stress and spending good times with love ones. In addition to having fun, swimming has to burn calories. Three out of five people who have been able to lose weight confessed swimming did the magic.

“It’s stressful and it magically helped me to slim down,” One of them confidently confessed. Adding that, she owe her weight loss to swimming and she will always recommend it to anyone interested in losing weight faster. Studies have shown also shown that, depending on your weight and exertion level, you’ll burn between 90-550 extra calories in a half-hour session.


We usually underestimate the possibility of losing weight through walking. Walking is enjoyable, easy on joints, and safe whilst  also the cheapest way to lose weight.

“A person weighing 60kg burns 75 calories simply by strolling at 2mph for 30minutes,” a physiotherapist unveiled. Walking can do the magic you are looking for. So, put your one foot in front of the other and begin your journey of losing weight.

Do you owe your weight lost to any of these low-impact exercises? Feel free to recommend and share your experience. 

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  1. Wow! I’ve been trying to shake off some fat so I’ve been careful with my diet but I’ve not been able to lose weight. I will give these a try. Hope it works tho…

  2. So true! I can attest to jumping rope. Jumping rope helped me burn 500 calories within 30mins, and before I can say “fi” I’ve really slimmed down… This happened within 3 weeks…


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